The ultimate guide to buy a water purifier

As an essential resource for life, access to pure water is vital. The knowledge of what type of filter to use can guarantee longevity and health. And for this reason, it is vital to choose the right system of filters based on the source of the drinking water. The common sources of drinking water are ground water, municipal water, and water from mixed sources. But wherever the water may come from, it is vital to consider the Total Dissolved Salts or TDS present in the water. This significantly influences the type of filter selected.

Buying guide for water purifier

The water purifier is vital to house hold item in safeguarding the health of the family. Dirty water can cause numerous diseases. Mentioned below are some of the points that you will need to consider when it comes to buying water purifier. You can even seek assistance from eureka forbes customer care number as they can provide all help related to selecting a water purification system.

Find out the water type you get at home

Water can be hard or soft. The sources of hard water include underground water, water supplied from tankers and water drawn from bore wells. Hard water usually contains toxic chemicals like arsenic, fluoride etc. On the other hand, the sources of soft water include water from river, lake, water supplier by municipality and rain water harvesting.

Common types of water purifiers available in the market

Ultraviolet or UV, Reverse Osmosis or RO, Ultrafiltration or UF are the common types of water purifiers available. In case the water type at your home is hard then you can opt for RO water purifiers. On the other hand, in case you get soft water, then you can choose UV, UF or even activated carbon water purifier. The thumb rule is that you should know the type of water available in your area, contamination level and then choose the type of water purifier that will suit perfectly. Thus, it becomes very important to choose the type of water purifier accordingly.

Pay special focus on storage capacity

For places that experience frequent power cuts or variable water supply, it is better to buy a purifier with a storage tank. This will guarantee access to pure, drinkable water even when there is no electricity. In addition to this, in case you have a large family, a purifier with a storage tank is better as it offers continuous supply.

Water purifier installation viability

To get the water purifier installed, you should ensure that there is a place on the wall to mount water purifier. In addition, make sure that there is electricity inlet and water inlet with round the clock water supply along with sufficient pressure.

Research about the Water Purifier Brand

When buying a water purifier, make sure that you research about the water purifier brand and the quality of after-sales services. Make sure that the manufacturer offers warranty on the various parts of the water purifier and provide on time after-sales services. You should also check for the certifications of the water purifier that you plan to buy to make sure that the purifier has been tested under stringent quality standards.


Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the only and main criteria to decide the type of water purifier you should buy is the source of water and the kind of contamination present in the water supplied to your home or office. In addition to this make sure that you buy the water purifier from the well-known brands who are recognized for offering top quality products that use innovative technology to provide 100% pure, safe and drinkable water.

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