Learn a few facts about fruit baskets and fruits

If you have ever received a fruit basket you will know how great it looks. When a beautiful fruit basket arrives at home, none of us can wait to sample the beautiful taste and the treats inside the cellophane wrapped basket. When we talk about fruit baskets, have you ever thought about how their history makes these fruit baskets extremely special? Given below are a few facts about fruit baskets and fruits that make them more than just a pretty thing to look at and eat from.

  1. Fruit baskets have been in existence longer than you think they have. Since all of them combine a bunch of all natural and real elements, it is easy to understand why their history goes so far back. These baskets have been around since the dawn of mankind. When people first learned to weave, they made baskets and filled these baskets with fruits to eat and share. Its written in the Old Testament that Moses was placed in a wicker basket by his mother. This was the first recorded use of a basket.
  2. It’s said that celebrities love fruits baskets. It’s pretty obvious that with their hectic schedules and a body they are bound¬† to maintain they can’t really eat everything¬† they want. This is why after a show, associates and fans often send such fruit basket delivery to make celebrities feel loved and special. It is said that you give someone a fruit as a gift it will be the strangest gift ever but if you put together fruits in a nice basket, it will be a much appreciated gift.
  3. Before there were bottles, explores around the world used watermelon to carry water.
  4. People who have high cholesterol will be more than happy to know that these delicious treats have no cholesterol at all.
  5. Flowers are often used to decorate fruit baskets and although roses aren’t fruits, they belong to the apple family.
  6. Lemons are sour and yet they have a higher sugar content than strawberries.
  7. Pumpkins are actually fruits and pumpkin literally translates into large melon in Greek.
  8. There are more than 7,000 varieties of apples and it’s almost impossible to name them all.
  9. Fruit baskets were initially used to transport and carry grains and nuts to different cities.
  10. Baskets are made from a number of materials like bamboo, wicker, grass, plastic, wheat, wood and flax.
  11. One the most popular uses for baskets is to carry candies for Easter and Halloween and to carry fruits.
  12. Baskets were actually made for utilitarian purposes and slowly became decorative pieces for the household and started getting made with materials like crystal glass.

Now you know how a fruit basket has evolved and the number of uses it has. These fruit baskets can always be reused which is why if you ever receive one, keep it wrapped up (to prevent termites and other insects from attacking it) in a cupboard. You can also use it as a decorative piece on your centre table and fill it up with fruits you eat everyday.


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